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Updated January 8, 2014

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Shop Rags and Wiping Cloths

Providing Mostly 100% Cotton, Microfiber and Lint-Free

Cloth Rags made from a shirt-like material, sanitized, very soft and absorbent, low lint wiper ideal for dusting and polishing
Our rags and towels are typically available boxed in 25 lb. & 50 lb. packages as well as bales of 100 lbs. or more. Container loads are never a problem. Quantity discounts begin at over 50 lbs.

Our products are used in all types of businesses and industries including painting and refinish work, janitorial and industrial sites, sign shops, car and boat dealers, airlines, manufacturing, car washes, furniture manufacturing and hair salons, to name just a few. And we've added a larger selection of disposable wipers and towels for you to choose from.

If you have a mess to clean up, look no further! We have an affordable solution for every cleanup job.

Our products can be shipped world wide by package carrier or motor freight. We gladly service individuals as well!

NOW more types of rags than ever before! Choose from All-Purpose Wipers, Heavy-duty Maintenance Rags, Pre-Moistened Wipers and Specialty Towels. And, to get more rags for your buck, don't forget to check out our Boxes of Rags and DRC on a Roll!

Special Pricing on orders over 200 lbs

Volume discount prices for distributors and wholesalers

FREE PRICE QUOTES We match or beat all quotes

Our most popular "T-shirt"  rags, replaces shop towels and paper disposables. Mostly 100% Cotton Sanitized. Best around oil and grease environments. Very Soft with Low Lint.

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All-Purpose Towels

Our most versatile wiper, All-Purpose Towels are excellent for wiping rough surfaces or cleaning up messy fluids. Available in 5 handy configurations, these rags won't leave a residue when you wipe.
Click here for more information on All-Purpose Towels

Heavy-duty Maintenance Wipers

Our Heavy-duty Maintenance Wipers are the strongest, most solvent-resistant grease rags you can buy. Perfect for really tough or messy jobs, these rags leave surfaces dry and lint-free.
Click here for details on Heavy-duty Maintenance Wipers.

Maintenance Shop Rags

Best for low-cost daily maintenance, Maintenance Rags are made of 4-ply reinforced tissue-based material. Ideal for use in machine shops, fleet garages and plants, the embossed surface of these rags grabs grime for tough cleaning.
Click here for more details on Maintenance Rags

Cloth Rags

Our shop cloths are tough enough to stand up to harsh solvents, oils, fuels and other petroleum-based liquids. With low- to no-lint and excellent chemical resistance, these shop cloths are ideal for everyday maintenance, cleaning machine and engine parts and wiping down printing equipment.
Click here for more information on shop cloths.

Specialty Shop Cloths

Our full line of Specialty Cloths includes Polishing Cloths, Dust and Finishing Cloths, Heavy-duty Solvent Wipers and other highly specialized rags.
Click here for more details on Specialty Shop Cloths

Bulk Rags in Boxes

Clean, processed bulk rags packed in carboard boxes. You end up with more rags and you'll save space and time.
Click here for more details on Boxes of Bulk Rags

Shop Towels

Our Red Shop cloths are cut from first-quality 100% cotton, and they come brand-new and ready to use. Unlike recycled rags, these washable Shop Towels are free of buttons, zippers or other "leave behinds" that can scratch your hands or machinery.
Click here for more information on Shop Towels

For a complete list of rags and more detailed product information,
Click here.

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